This course is focused on gaining confidence in business communication in meetings and discussions, negotiations and presentations, telephone conversations, and business writing. The Business Russian course is designed as professional language training programme for those involved in the world of business.

Throughout the courses you will continue to improve your Russian language ability through the context of business language. You will also practise key skills that are needed in any business environment.

Classes are held 2 days for 3 academic hours per day (1 academic hour = 45 minutes) in small groups from 5 to 7 students

The course duration is 4 months (96 academic hours)

Tuition fee

Intensive course 8,400 rubles per month. Distant course
(Skype+on-line platform)
7,400 rubles per month.
Combined course
(2 group lessons+2 on-line group lessons per week)
7,900 rubles per month.

Business Russian Course has flexible schedule and plan which can be agreed on according to the students needs!

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