This course is designed for those who want to be equipped with the Russian language in order to prepare for a job interview, for business meeting.

On this course you will improve your grammar and vocabulary, develop your reading and writing skills, improve your listening, speaking and pronunciation. Role-playing, case-study, communicative games allow students to improve their language skills.

Classes are held 1 day for 6 academic hours per day (1 academic hour = 45 minutes) in small groups from 2 to 5 students

The course duration is 1 day (6 academic hours)

Tuition fee

Course 3,800 rubles per month. Distant course
(Skype+on-line platform)
2,800 rubles per month.
Combined course
(2 group lessons+2 on-line group lessons per week)
7,900 rubles per month.

Business Russian Course has flexible schedule and plan which can be agreed on according to the students needs!

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