Humanitarian Institute has different educational projects and one of the projects is International Summer School for students and schoolchild.

What is it?

Summer School is a 2-week educational program focused on course of lectures on interesting themes for participants, for example Courses of Russian language, Courses of Economics (can be taught in Russian or in English), Courses of Journalism (can be taught in Russian or in English), Chess classes and other courses. Summer School also includes daily exciting sightseeing to the top beautiful historical places in Moscow. Our Team has prepared an exciting tour program.

Why foreign participants should join this program?

Summer School is a great opportunity to learn course of lectures and meet with Russian Culture and Traditions, to find new friends and to get the opportunity to continue your studies in Russia.


We have 3 sessions:

June 10 – June 24;

July 01 – July 15;

August 05 – August 19.

Dates of session can be changed to appropriate for you in case of group min 10 participants.

Program Fee: 1500 USD, we are ready to provide you with 10% discount if we get from you application forms till May 01, 2018.

Above program fee includes:

- 2-week educational courses (20 hrs.);

- accommodation in dormitory;

- airport pick up services;

- Moscow city-tours and prearranged excursions;

- daily lunch (other meals are not included, also lunch in weekends is not included).

What documents you need to prepare yourself?

You need to buy tickets in two ways and insurance valid in Russian Federation. If you don’t have an opportunity to purchase insurance yourself we will help upon your arrival.

What document you will get after completing Summer School?

We will prepare for you a Certificate of completing 20 hrs. of lectures and of course you will get great memories and impressions!

How to apply? Just e-mail us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Write down how many participants want to join, appropriate session dates and we will contact you!



Begin to change your life and get you future with us!!!